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Exclusive Interview | Fivio Foreign Weighs In On “Wetty” Video, New York’s Drill Music & Upcoming Mixtape “800 B.C”



Brooklyn Drill artist, Fivio Foreign, is adding to the chaos with his tracks, finally dropping his highly anticipated release, ‘Wetty’, produced by AXL Beats. In the midst of loss and a worldwide pandemic, Fivio has yet to chill. After his first hit, ‘Big Drip’, attracted the likes of Quavo, Lil Baby and 24 million views on YouTube, the artist continues to craft Brooklyn’s next finest tracks. In an exclusive Sidedoor interview, Fivio tells us about his latest release and what to expect next on his come up.

While the world hides indoors, Fivio gives us a taste of his liquor laced sound. The track is clean, with an adlib that buzzes like a high. “Wetty is a good vibe. I was headed towards the top when I was making Wetty, I was starting to feel myself more, so I have to show that.” What better way to feel yourself than through the eyes of a woman? He speaks for his ‘lil’ mama’ in simple, flirtatious bars, letting his lyrics draw out on the beat.  The heavy slam of the bass weighs down the swing of the beat, and listeners are eased with a smooth voice and slick bars.

In the music video, we see Fivio’s ease to adapt in a comedic light. The whole video is like a high jacked rom-com. The camera shots are balanced, while the shots fired are wild. With Fivio sprawled out on the bed with his shorty on his lap, the artist takes us through an unconventional love story originating in a street corner deli.


His production process is a vibe. “A day in the studio is a lot of liquor, we’re young, we’re jumping around, its fun.”  As for the writing process, it’s just as spontaneous. “I don’t write. I just go in the booth, hear the song. Lay down a couple bars, come back think about it. I don’t really have to write cause they can record my voice. So I just lay it down, if I like it I keep it, if I don’t I change it.” It’s easy to see the party of the studio reflected in his on-the-spot verses.

On his upcoming mixtape, 800 B.C. featuring ‘Big Drip’ and ‘Wetty’, the artist will give us a bit more to play with. “If I have a song that I put more thought into it, you’ll hear it in the music. I have a song coming out called ‘Drive By’, it’s going to be on my mixtape. I didn’t write it, but I put a lot of thought into it.” 800 B.C., expected to release next month, is about “changing the world”. Fivio goes on to describe his upcoming release. “It’s about the time before the world start over and change, cause everything’s going to change; music, life…Corona.”

“Whatever life put in front of me I just roll with the punches. I was going through losing my flow… so I feel like this is my chance to tell the world how to do it, cause I’m not really the type of n**** to be mad about things like that.”


Inspiration of the mixtape comes from the change Fivio himself has faced. He describes his way of life as though there are rules to play by, with definite consequences. This is evident in the recent loss of the late Brooklyn Drill artist, Pop Smoke. His death was a shock to Fivio, who describes Smoke as “more than a friend”. It seems as though Fivio’s unphased persistence is rooted in his surroundings. “In New York it’s action packed, and people learn fast. We learn how to live without fear, go viral.”

Which brings us to this bouncy track. For those of us locked indoors, throwing on ‘Wetty’, we’re reminded that life can be a party. Fivio says Brooklyn Drill has evolved, dubbing it “New York Drill”, as the genre is bigger than it once was. In this new era, he’s feeling himself, going hard, dropping tracks that’ll have the club pulsing. He reminds us to indulge in a good time

“Go viral, have fun. Make a movie”.


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