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Constantly Refining; A look Into Toronto’s R&B Artist RAAHiim’s New Work



Toronto R&B soul artist RAAHiim’s lead singles ‘Who Is He’ and ‘You Love Me’ stood as teasers for his nine-song EP “ii KNEW BETTER” released last Friday, December 4.

The artist wrote and co-produced numerous songs on his fresh drop with fellow Scarborough talent like producer Paul Jefferies or Nineteen85- and a team of skilled songwriters. Nineteen85 remains a low-key Toronto artist producing some of OVO’s biggest hits – like Dvsn duo and Drake’s “One Dance”, “Hotline Bling”, “Hold On, We’re Going Home”.

Reinvented and reintroduced to the 6ix -a long journey from singing backup vocals and his first project in 2017,  “Fear of the Unknown” -, RAAHiim delivered us a drifting, reminiscent flow and a similar sensation to The Weeknd and Frank Ocean; unfastened to any rhythm or instruments. “You love me” is a showcase of the artist’s latest crooner vibe, with a keen sense and ability to time smooth melodies, powerful acoustics and aerophones.

Through “You Love Me”, RAAHiim speaks on love, desire and verbalizing a more vulnerable side for his latest reentry into Toronto’s music scene. Like most of his, accompanying the song is a lyric visualizer showing a late 90s anime dreamland, feeling like the classic “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” And a whole trip of a music video, only improving how you hear the vocals.

I started exploring sides of myself that I never said out loud before. This project was me going through the process of managing my behaviour in relationships. How human beings connect and find some common ground.”- RAAHiim tells AudioMack in an interview about his new music.

RAAHiiM approached the entirety of the “ii KNEW BETTER” EP with a transformative mindset, utilizing it as a progressive way to heal himself and protect memories.

“Don’t be afraid to step outside of your boundary. Don’t be scared to explore. Music is not only an expression of human existence but an evolution.”

Listen to RAAHiim’s new drop on all platforms.

Spotify “You Love Me”

SoundCloud “You Love Me”

Apple Music “You Love Me”

Deezer “You Love Me”


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