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Living centre Stage; An Exclusive Interview With Toronto force Nue.



Exhausted Scarborough musician Nue -working almost daily on new beats- took time out of his few and far between days off to let us know what he’s about; his come up, future goals, and music.

Friday afternoon on a chilled out, overcast, fall day in L.A, the mellow singer sparks a joint that fills the corners of the frame of our conversation with an off-white haze, resting in his metallic gold grill in between puffs to speak. A day in his life is continuously crazy; he tells us after a breath of smoke, “never the same.” If he isn’t working on music production, the artist briefly discussed his interest in nature- specifically psychedelics in the forest.

The 26-year-old rapper overlooked the expression “crawl before you walk”, rapidly becoming one of Toronto’s most eminent artists. Nue continually demonstrates with his music that despite the GTA’s spread, there is a shared love for emotional vocals and hazy, atmospheric production. From Brampton to Mississauga, the scattered sonic diversity has become a hallmark of the Toronto sound.

Let us introduce you…

In early 2017, Nue’s mixtape “Iroquois” produced by his older brother (SAUCEBOY) secured his spot on several music industry radars. Catching the eye of American label 300 Entertainment, and Grammy-nominee Fetty Wap, things quickly evolved. The artist differentiates himself through transparency in his lyrics, futuristic sound, multidimensional perspectives, and incorporating aspects of various genres while still staying true to his work’s authenticity.

Finding Niche

Growing up in Scarborough, Nue was able to expand himself alongside the city. He was listening to anything and everything from Metallica to Wiz Khalifa to Kayne. For a teen immersed in his headphones, Nue tells us he was just a regular, social city kid. Luckily, alongside talent, Nue is equipped with the support of his family and friends.

“My circle is quality over quantity. Most of the people I run with are the same ones from high-school. It’s a diverse group. People from all different backgrounds, interests…”

Nue’s family’s interests -like his own- are assorted. Back in Ontario, his three sisters and mom stay encouraging Nue but pursuing their dreams as well; ranging from nursing to fashion. The rapper shows us some of his tattoos, almost all he got with or inspired by those closest to him. Nue lifts his right hand to display a turquoise and magenta personalized bunny tattoo and laughs, “It’s my spirit animal,” he says.

Nue talks noteworthy 

Q: Tell us about your most memorable performance.

A: “It was when I was on tour with Fetty Wap…tickets sold like crazy and packed the place with all ages. Out of nowhere, the place filled with tear gas smoke; it was chaotic. These kids got tear-gassed and still came out to see us perform.”

Q: Describe the most rewarding moments in your career.

A: “When I open my dm’s, and it’s people are saying how much they love my music. Most of them are young creatives that I’ve inspired, even people that say my lyrics have saved their life.”

Q: What advice do you have for those young creatives? What’s the best advice that you have received?

A: “Keep working hard, no one will give you anything, the sooner you realize that, the better. You aren’t entitled to anything, but if you keep going, you can get there. Don’t try to force originality.”

Vision is everything

Despite his achievements to date, he continues to push boundaries en route to his ideal career.

“If I could collaborate with anyone, no matter popularity…It would have to be a big pop star like Lady Gaga or Adele.” Nue revealed, “My dream career is Grammy-winning, on Billboard music,” he says with a smile.

In the next month, Nue will release a single like none other he has before. The melodic, alternative/r&b artist has shifted gears from what he believes is his most successful song, “Easy call” and it’s quintessential Nue sound, to take on a more rock-influenced approach; stay tuned.

In the meantime, follow Nue’s socials to stay up to date on new releases or check out previous ones.

Twitter: @realnue 

Insta: @nue_


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