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Zach Zoya Releases Debut Solo EP “Spectrum”



            Montreal-based singer-songwriter and rapper, Zach Zoya released his very first solo EP on Friday, titled, “Spectrum”.

The tracklist features six songs, including Zoya’s previous singles “Slurpee”, “Le Cap” and “In Da Way” that have been released throughout the year in anticipation of the debut EP.

The title of the EP, “Spectrum” is the perfect depiction of what Zoya puts out onto this project. It carries a range of raw emotions and flows that take you deep into the mind and perspective of the artist.

In a statement, Zoya said, “I’m trying to show people my real personality and everything that comprises it.”

Zoya exudes confidence and determination in his music, with tracks like “Le Cap” and “In Da Way”, he shows that he remains focused in working hard in his career and won’t let anything stop him from his path to success. Not only does he express this through pure lyricism, but he does it with effortless melodies.

            Zoya brings even more versatility to his EP with Slurpee” – a colourful explosion of a song. The beat has a rapid and high energy feel to it that proves there’s no doubt the artist knows how to have fun. On the other end, Zoya also knows how to slow down the rhythm with his songs, “Stick By You” and “Pillz”. He isn’t afraid to show an honest and exposed side to himself, “keep me warm like summertime, cause I been feelin’ lonely,” the artist sings on “Pillz”, adding vulnerability to his range.

 The artist also released a music video alongside the EP, for his fourth single “Patience”, a smooth melody that features Angel, a British singer-songwriter and producer.

“Spectrum” by Zach Zoya is now available on all streaming platforms.


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