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Just John Releases His First Solo EP, “This Is Fate” 



Scarborough artist Just John introduces his first solo EP, “This Is Fate” today, November 27th.

Exemplifying a healing process with John’s internal demons, “This Is Fate” is displayed with a three-track EP and chilling 11-minute short film directed by Shivam Pandya that depicts cyclical themes of death and rebirth.

The piece is a rebellious take on new-age, British punk-rock, rap style with the occasional incorporation of distorted sounds, electric guitars and rich bass; Blending his previous hit single genres such as ‘1000 Corpses ‘, ‘Black Ghost’, ‘Open Wound’ and pulling inspiration from our dystopian Covid world.

En route to actualizing the light of Just John’s most authentic and empowered form, he embraces the unknown, shedding the emotional layers of his past and ultimately confronts his shadows to reach their acceptance. Just John expresses his choosing to love and forgive.

This is for the dreamers, the misfits, the ones who never give up even when they’re down, unheard or misunderstood“, Just John says, “It’s time for radical imaginaries.”.

About Just John

Raised by Jamaican parents in the GTA, John Samuels’ parted from his family’s embrace of elite athletics and paved his way to performing arts and showmanship. He supported himself through busking at nearby malls, booking birthday parties and bar mitzvahs with his dance crew before recording songs while studying at the University of Guelph-Humber.

Just John is best known for his past work alongside partner and producer, Dom Dias. Together the duo released several successful singles, including their debut, ‘Soundboi,’ the trap-infused ‘Minutia’ and the playful disjointed rhythm of ‘Pull Up.’ Gucci and Farfetch even recognized the eccentric expressions of the artist in early 2019.

Just John explains that his creative journey and self-realization sparked an infatuation with other cultures; “I call myself Just John because I don’t know how to be anybody else but myself“. The artist will continue to confront realities through new mediums.


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