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Savannah Ré Releases Highly Anticipated Debut EP “Opia”



Toronto R&B artist Savannah Ré released her nine-track debut EP, “Opia” on Friday. Savannah Ré allows herself to be honest and transparent on her new project, revealing the hard truths of love and the various emotions that are attached to it. “I want to let people see me and connect with my music but for that to happen, I have to be my authentic self and that comes from introspection – it takes a lot of time and maturity to do that,” the artist said in a press release. “Opia” had been in the making for the past three years and it’s clear that each song on the EP was crafted to perfection. It’s a project where the lyrics tie in with the smooth and soft melodies to create songs that are not only compelling but have the ability to tug at one’s heartstrings. Grammy-winning producer Boi-1da worked alongside Ré as an executive producer to help the artist tune her vision on the album. Production also included YogiTheProducer, who has worked with prominent artists such as Kehlani, Jessie Reyez and Joyner Lucas. He also happens to be Savannah Ré’s husband, making the album even more personal. Other key collaborators on the EP are Allen Ritter, Akeel Henry, Marcus Semaj, Varren Wade, Jordon Manswell, Ozzie, Marcus Allen James and Kyle Christopher. “I’m very private,” Ré said on social media, but when she sings, “I don’t need no frills, just need your heart,” on “Solid”, the artist shows that she’s finally ready to display her vulnerability with the world. Ré also released a short documentary, “Opia – Experience”, a visual that explores different human connections of lovers and strangers. The intention of the film is to represent the title of the EP, “Opia” and showcase psychologist John Koenig’s definition of the term as, “the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.” “Opia” reached number one on iTunes’ R&B Albums and number four on Apple Music’s R&B Charts just two days after its release.


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