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Just John And Dom Dias Shake Up The City At Their First Headline Show



Video by @sans.osul

Just John x Dom Dias by  @itsyaboybish

Just John x Dom Dias by @itsyaboybish

On a rainy Friday the 19th, Just John and Dom Dias took the Drake Underground by storm along side DillanPonders and Ty Senoj. The Drake Underground provided a dark intimate setting to what would become an energy filled auditorium for rage lovers and show goers alike.

Ty Senoj by  @itsyaboybish

Ty Senoj by @itsyaboybish

Ty Senoj kicked off the night with a vibrant yet stylish performance flowing in and out of the crowd engaging the audience and preparing the fans for what was to come. Whilst covered in gold chains and rings on every finger, Senoj rocked the stage with a killer get-up-and-move mentality encouraging the concert goers to jam out to his all around solid performance.

DillanPonders by  @itsyaboybish

DillanPonders by @itsyaboybish

Next up to the stage was the stage slayer, DillanPonders. Following his collab track with Just John and Dom Dias “Tango Town”, DillanPonders has formed a tight knit relationship with the Soundboi’s through their frequent appearances on Just John’s social media; as well as flying out to Jamaica to kick back a week before the headline show. Ponders came out strong delivering a powerful performance, seemingly stripping off a layer of clothing per track, as he heated up the underground venue. Dillan stomped around the stage in his usual manner as he performed his most popular tracks like “Planet Ponders” and other unreleased music. Ponders carried a dominant stage presence and turned out to be the perfect opening performance, seamlessly leading into Just John and Dom Dias’s headlining act.

Just John by  @itsyaboybish

Just John by @itsyaboybish

Chants of the now notorious tagline “Dom made a heater” echoed around the Drake underground in anticipation of the main act of the night. Dom appeared when the stage lights turned on and started up the first track off the brand new Don III EP “Bumbaclat”. The crowd matched Just John’s energy as he jumped out from stage-side and bopped with the crowd. Dom Dias continued to show why he is leading the way in the producer/DJ scene in Toronto as he sliced up the new tape, while throwing killer samples in the mix. Just John maintains his reputation as one of the artists captaining the creative arts scene in Toronto. Giving inspiring speeches at each event that he performs, this show was no different as he delivered a speech about the struggles of being an aspiring artist in Toronto and spoke of the hardships he faced while throwing underground events when he was just starting out. The Drake Underground was the perfect venue for Just John and Dom Dias to perform their brand new tape — a close quarters, smoke-filled room with passionate fans felt like a suitable setting for the energy-packed performance that the duo put on. The final act was made up of a full performance of the new Don III EP as well as pre-released heaters like “Off Rip” and of course “Soundboi”. The crowd enjoyed every second of it, feeding off of Just John’s energy as he rocked the mic. Overall, the show was just what you would expect from the duo, a passion-filled performance alongside quality opening acts, that came together to create a historic first headlining show.

Check out “Don III” below.


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