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LocoCity Reflects On His Lost Ones With New Song & Visuals To “Never Know” + Recent Death Scare




Shock and distraught was the mood for the city as recent photos of Toronto’s Bleeker St star LocoCity surfaced across the internet.

About a week ago pictures of Loco were being posted all over social media with the rapper in an ambulance sustaining multiple gun shot wounds. Although it’s unfortunate for upcoming rappers from different hoods to be gunned down ruthlessly, many started to think the situation was fake or at least hoped it was. The timing of the situation had thrown people off, as Loco had just played a part in Mustafa the Poet’s inspiring “Remember Me, Toronto” video that was released days before. With no immediate response from Loco or his team during the rumor, fans started to think that he was sending a hidden message, that something was on the way.

Thankfully those who predicated that were right. As of last Saturday Loco posted on his Instagram a short snippet of what is now known as “Never Know”, a new song including a different type of visual for the Toronto artist.

The new single hits deep for many with Loco on the vocals reminiscing about his lost loved ones, the violence that goes on in and around his life and that you truly “never know” when something can be gone in the blink of an eye. The rappers lyrics are supported by producer JTK’s slow melodic chords and rolling 808’s, keeping the mood serious but hopeful for prosperity at the same time. The visual for “Never Know” starts off with Loco minding his own business to getting pulled up on in the matter of seconds, leading to the next clip of him in an ambulance near death. The rest of the visual mainly portrays Loco and his friends around a coffin in a church explaining his story.

“Never Know” is a great message from LocoCity, making it known that people should always let their loved ones know how much they mean to them, because you might never know when you’ll see them again. A quote from the artist at the end of his music video states : “ We all live a life of sin and regret. Always make sure you tell your loved ones you love them before its to late because in this life you Never Know”.


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