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TOBi Reflects In New Release “City Blues” + Music Video



It’s always great to see local talent grow and prosper, as well as set the bar for musicians in the industry.

Up and coming artist TOBi is one of the more unique talents emerging from Toronto that you should give a listen. The young singer and rapper uses his voice to not only put some flava in ya ear, but touch upon social issues and personal growth as well. He released his single “City Blues”, along with the enticing visuals by the works of Craig Calamis and Chris Valorie.

Photo by @justinwu

Photo by @justinwu

In an interview with PAPER mag, he went into depth about the inspiration behind music video.

“The original video was to incorporate a narrative involving a homeless person, but we wanted to take it back to using archival footage and putting in shots of my family for various reasons. As much as the song is about society at large, it’s a really personal song addressing my issues growing up as well and my change in perspective.”

As of lately, TOBi has been gaining a lot of recognition and support from the city as well as the higher ups. Icons such as Snoop Dogg, Evander Holyfield and Jamie Foxx took to twitter to show respect to the young talent and gave him a shout out.

We can expect 2019 to be a good year for TOBi as we look forward to more great releases.


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