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Kodak Black Released From Jail



After only serving 7 months of his 1 year sentence in Broward County Main Jail, Kodak is finally back.

The Florida rapper was released early Saturday morning (Aug 18) at around 1 a.m. as he was seen being accompanied by his security and  later linking up with a couple friends before getting in his car and taking off. Kodak stayed relatively quiet when asked questions by surrounding paparazzi, only saying a couple things such as “stay blessed”, “take care”, and “i’m ready to get up out of here”, but it was quite obvious by his facial expressions that he was excited to be out. 

During his time in confinement Kodak managed to get his GED, earning him his high school diploma, and also started the process of creating his own book. He also legally changed his name from Dieuson Octave to Bill K. Kapri. If you couldn’t tell already, it looks like Black’s ready for a new beginning. 

Kapri has already been spotted filming a music video for a song in front of his private jet, so for those itching for new Kodak tracks, I would say the waits about to be over. Lets hope this is the last time we see Kodak locked up and wish him the best of luck in the near future. 

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Originally, Black was arrested after posting and Instagram Live video showing him around marijuana and a firearm all while his child being present. This resulted in Florida law enforcement raiding his home right after, taking him into custody. Kodak was then slapped with charges including grand theft of a firearm, possession of marijuana, child neglect, 2 counts of probation violations and 2 counts of possession of a weapon by a felon, according to the Herald.  When it comes to his reduced sentence, Kodak was let out early due to a couple of his charges being dropped as well as additional time served. 


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