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Joji | BALLADS 1: An Album for Healing



BALLADS 1 – An Album for Healing

Joji releases BALLADS 1 on October 26: 12 tracks with agony and relief written all over them.


BALLADS 1 marks a definite shift in George Miller’s career. Better known as Joji, this artist has abandoned his comedic persona in exchange for a twisted and melancholic approach to trip hop. His diverse portfolio of music has taken his audience through a rollercoaster of satire, finally arriving at this album. From promoting himself as YouTuber “Pink Guy” to releasing music with 88rising, Miller has yet to hesitate in finding a new skin and adapting to what life has thrown his way.

ATTENTION introduces this album with a listen through your headphones, close-your-eyes-and-sway type of vibe. This is followed shortly after with his single SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK. Both songs flow with a slow piano and heavy bass, going from reflection of self in the first track to sharing of self in the second. Joji passively addresses self-loathing through a third person perspective, voicing the private thoughts he believes are common doubts of his audience.


Calling this album straight up sad would be accurate; however, Joji brings in multiple elements create a dynamic set of songs.  Bringing in the epic sounds of electric guitar to tie in his hollow vocals, WANTED U combines feelings of loneliness with a strange kind of hope. I’LL SEE YOU IN 40 ends the album with a slow strum comparable to that of Bon Iver. Ballads 1 is evidence of both Joji’s unique sound and diverse expression, appealing to all of our darker sides in at least one track to leave on repeat.

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