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Brent Faiyaz: Multi-Faceted with Musical Complexity




Contemporary R&B singer Brent Faiyaz blessed his fans with an EP that surely had commuters crying the morning of Oct 19th. “Lost” follows Faiyaz’s extensive work in 2017 with 6 tracks. Formerly flowing on the turmoil of love, Faiyaz had branded his music with hurt and romance. In 2016, Faiyaz dropped his debut EP, “AM Paradox”, with notable songs like “Insecure” and “Poison” that set him on his way. In between this and his next solo work, Faiyaz continued building his portfolio with seductive collabs until the release of “Sonder Son” in 2017. His first album directed his audience through stories of nostalgia, pain and innocence. Since then, his matured work ethic and career influence is hugely reflected in his new work and we see his focus shift towards calls of injustice.


The first track, “Why’z it so hard”, introduces the album with haunting sounds of sirens as subtle reminders of the profit being made off suffering. His gentle introduction of harsher subject matter inflicts a soothing pain, and he thrives on the juxtaposition of it all. Later in the album, Faiyaz keeps it intimate in “Came Right Back” yet continues on to address the lack of privacy he feels in “Trust”. This two-sided story expresses the paradox of the sacrifice he faces in his career. As Faiyaz continues his independent work, as well as his work in the music group Sonder, one can only wonder where he will find other beauty in contrast.


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