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Projects That Deserve More Recognition Pt 1



Junia T is not only one of Canada’s most underrated producers but also has one of the city’s most overlooked albums, ‘Studio Monk’. This projects a piece of art and we recommend you tap into his work all together. S/o to Elijah Dax for absolutely sliding on the “Ooowee” beat as well. Fun fact – we featured Junia in our 2nd edition.


You can probably tell by now that we’re backing Untiljapan pretty heavily. His album, ‘Safe Travels’, is a great all around project. He switched up his usual approach on a lot of these songs, which we love. Again, s/o to Clams Casino & Lovegravity on the production of “Kiss N Tell”.


Jordan Astra dropped an amazing body of work late last year – ‘Man From East’. The story behind the project is inspiring and we’ll more than likely be highlighting that for y’all in the near future. He’s also been dropping a consistent stream of visuals to support the album, so go check them out – the team did amazing. S/o to Joyia on the vocals for this song in particular, killed it.


Although our cover star, Tobi, just won a Juno we still think his work deserves more credit. We’ve been tapped in with him ever since he dropped, ‘STILL +’ – another track we recommend checking out is “City Blues”.


Naomi Sharon has been one of Toronto’s hidden secrets for a while now, we definitely expect her to blowup in the near future though. Raw talent aside, she’s OVO’s first female signing. Her LP, ‘Obsidian’, is incredibly underrated, which includes a blend of soulful & spiritual r&b.


DJ Charlie B holds a very important album for the city of Toronto and even Canada as a whole. With all the politics in the rap game, especially in Toronto, it was nice seeing him put together a body of work comprised only of artists out of Canada. Every track on the album is solid and we definitely hope this can happen more often for the city.


Tbh, we know Sampha is a relatively big artist, but we think ‘Process’ is grammy worthy. From the vocals to the production: quality.



Heaven To A Tortured Mind is where Yves Tumor found the perfect balance between pop and art, chaos and beauty all while pushing the genre and its sounds to the limits.


What’re some of your favourite projects that you think need more recognition? Also, what’s your favourite out of these 9? Let us know on our Instagram


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