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Navigating the Music Industry with Cxtotheworld: A Journey of Authenticity and Artistry



Meet Cxtotheworld, a Tanzanian-Canadian artist from Edmonton, Alberta. Blending genres from punk to soul/R&B, he’s a versatile producer-rapper known for his authentic lyricism. With over 350k streams in just over two years and features from platforms like CJSR 88.5FM, Cxtotheworld’s catalog reflects the journey of a new-age artist, tackling themes from relationship struggles to musical success. 

In our conversation with Cxtotheworld, we started by learning about the beginnings of his musical journey: “It all began around six years ago,” he says, “in my early twenties. Basically, I had stopped playing football. And I had a lot of time and a lot of energy to put towards something. I always wanted to rap but I never actually tried to pursue it because all my favorite rappers would have the same story of rapping when they were in the womb and I’m sitting here at 20 years old; I thought I am way too late.”


With his style, Cxtotheworld takes a distinct route, mixing old-school rap with soulful vibes, making him stand out in the Toronto-centric rap landscape. “I aim to carve my own path,” he shares. But finding his place wasn’t without its challenges:

“The truth is, people want to see whether or not you’re good at one thing before they really let you do other things. So it’s a really hard place to navigate. You naturally want to do other things. But it’s a very dangerous place where it’s like, okay, you haven’t even set any roots.”

Influences & Latest Projects

The influences of Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole – also his favourite rappers – is audible when listening to Cxtotheworld. He explains; “it’s just the way that I enjoyed music. Some of my favorite songs are just the way they tell the story or the way they go about describing what’s going on. That was always so special to me.”

“I’m just trying to express myself. Whoever attaches themselves to that feeling or message is who I’m trying to reach.”

Reflecting on his favourite tracks, Cxtotheworld mentions tracks like “Pity Party” and “Use Me”: “These songs allowed me to step out of my comfort zone,” he says. Then we start talking g about his most recent EP Unforgivable:

It was just me trying to express some frustrations that I had with my city and frustrations I had about the length of time that I’ve spent trying to make it in the industry…The whole point was; It’s unforgivable, that you don’t think I would make of all people.”

His latest track with Matt Byrnell; ”How I Feel” also follows a similar storyline:

“That was another one. I tried to explain the hardships of how long I have been trying to rap and it’s gone to a place where it’s almost like, ‘damn, I can’t quit’.  But I’m also feeling stuck in place, but moving really slow and the frustrations with that. That was just really what I was talking about a lot on that track.”

What is Next?

Cxtotheworld shares with us that there is a lot ahead: “I’m working on some singles that are on the way. And then I’m also working on a project that I’m hoping I can roll out in the next couple of months. A lot more visuals, a lot more music, even though I have a lot already. I just want to keep pushing. My goal is basically get as many eyes as I can and hope that they will go back and listen to the other all the other songs I’ve had.”

In terms of his dream project, he says that playing Madison Square Garden is a big one but his main goal is to simply take it as far as humanly possible as he can: “it’s not a specific answer, but it’s only because I don’t even know what the next opportunity will open up in 10 years or being the top artists will even look like then.”


Final Notes: Staying True to Yourself

In a time when everyone’s all about comparing themselves, Cxtotheworld is like that cool, authentic friend who’s just doing his thing. His story is all about staying real in an industry full of noise. He’s out there crafting his own vibe, and his message is simple: be yourself. We sincerely thank his time, and look forward to what is next for him.



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