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From Puerto Rico to the World: Young Miko’s Takeover Begins



Young Miko, the rising star from Puerto Rico, just dropped her debut album, “att”, and it’s nothing short of good vibes. This album includes rap, reggaeton & some chill laidback tracks. Mixing versatile beats with real emotion and raw authenticity, Miko’s musical journey is just beginning. Those of you who may not understand Spanish, can still bop to the sounds of her music.

The album kicks off with “rookie of the year,” featuring a heartfelt snippet of Miko’s dad’s voice. It sets the vibe—vulnerable yet fierce, just like Miko herself. From flirty vibes to heartbreak hits, “att” dives deep into love and life, keeping it real all the way.

Miko mentioned that “att” is her past two years, wrapped up in 16 tracks in just 45 minutes. It’s a tight package, intentional and cohesive, showing Miko’s serious songwriting skills. Her beat selection and composition comes correct as well.

One standout is “ID,” featuring the OG duo Jowell & Randy. It’s a certified banger that’s gonna be on repeat for the clubs. And “wiggy” and “curita” are anthems in the making, showing off Miko’s range. Although my favourite tracks are “rookie of the year”, “fuck TMZ” & “pinot grigio”.

But it’s more than tunes that got people talking—Miko’s charm and style have made her the Puerto Rican star everyone wants to collab with. Her aesthetic reminds me of a Billie Eilish mix with Bad Bunny. With this project, she’s staking her claim in the Latin pop and reggaeton world, and it’s only the start.

If you’re ready for some refreshing sounds, check out Young Miko and her debut album, “att”, because Miko’s here to stay, and she’s bringing the vibes.

As Miko gears up for her Coachella debut and beyond, fans are eagerly awaiting what’s next from this rising star.


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