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Artistic Revolution: How TikTok is Reshaping the Industry



Since the creation of the infamous app, TikTok, it has attracted over a billion active users. TikTok is an app that allows the user to watch a 15 second, 60 second, 3 minute or recently 10-minute video- replacing what we used to know as Vine. Founded in 2016, TikTok did not gain its success until the pandemic, where it became a lasting impression. 

TikTok has undoubtedly given thousands of artists and creators the opportunity to grow their community and create a loyal following. Within the past year alone, hundreds of musicians and artists have been discovered through TikTok- giving them the opportunity to share their music and art with the masses. The virality of TikTok is unlike any other, artists go from having a small, close following to overnight sensations where they immediately grow their presence. 

Tai Verdes went viral in 2020 with his single “Stuck in the Middle,” which immediately went viral and attracted the attention of millions, including record labels and agencies. The song was named “One of the Best Songs of 2020” by Spotify and the New York Times; skyrocketing Verdes’ music career. Having gone on to produce two albums and amass over 6 million monthly Spotify listeners, Tai Verdes went from working at Verizon to being a Platinum recording artist, all thanks to an app. 

UK artist, Willow Kayne went viral when a snippet of her song “Two-Seater” was released on TikTok, immediately paving away to a barrage of hateful comments. In response, Kayne went on to release “I Don’t Wanna Know” less than 6 months later, and received praise, eventually giving way to “Two-Seater” appearing on the 2022 FIFA soundtrack. Having had the luck of going viral a second time on TikTok, Kayne recently gained attention for the release of her latest single “cola head,” telling the story of her new life of an independent artist. 

Canadian artist Lily Davies, known as Lilyisthatyou, is one artist who can attribute TikTok to her popularity as well. Having gone viral for her single “FMRN” on TikTok during the pandemic, Lily has gone on to create an EP and dozens of other viral TikTok tracks which have let fans patiently waiting for her latest release. 

TikTok’s unique virality has launched an entirely new wave of success that has created an entirely new demographic of artists, boosting anyone into stardom. The chance for artists to so easily share their music and creativity has allowed all musicians the opportunity that only so few could dream of achieving.



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