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Life Of A GoGotter With TGK


Some may have heard of TGK when he first came into the music scene in December 2020, releasing his debut single “WHY”, or the memorable “Stupid Love” performance he put on his debut project No Love In My System back in February 2022 which has over 120K views on YouTube, but without question it’s to say that TGK has been on the radar for quite a while.
We spoke to the Only1 general about what he’s been up to since releasing his extended playlist Life Of A GoGetter last summer and hasn’t dropped music since. TGK informed us about KOVV EVENTS which are events curated by him and the other Only1 affiliates. Some may know these events but not know who the masterminds behind them are, and TGK said “It’s not a problem to us at all, we put in work and people keep showing love and coming to the events. Koba, Rock, Finesse, and MK are stars! I love those guys… it’s only a matter of time before people connect the artistry with our events”.
The Only1 collective’s Kovv Events have been tremendous and definitely standing out from other events in the city of Toronto & Waterloo region.
Expect some new music from TGK scene as he continues to maneuver in different aspects of the entertainment industry.


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