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Inspired by Her Chinese Heritage & NYC Roots; Sandy Liang is Elevating Fashion



The name Sandy Liang has certainly been on your radar this year, as she is one of the most stand out designers we’ve ever seen. Born and raised in Queens, New York, Sandy Liang is a rising star within the fashion industry!

Known for her distinctive, creative, elevated everyday basics- blending femininity and edginess into her designs. Drawing from her Chinese heritage and the experiences of New York City, her inspiration seamlessly flows into every collection. 

Having created a standout brand on its own, the brand has gone on to create the greatest, most genius collaborations of this year. Liang’s second collaboration (the first being three years prior when she partnered with Vans) was with the infamous outdoor footwear brand, Salomon. The collaboration perfectly encapsulated Salomon’s iconic design with Liang’s playful colour palette, materials and design ethos flawlessly stood out- creating one of the most sought-after shoes of the year. 

The third and final collaboration (of this year) by Liang was released just weeks ago, when she partnered with the trendy sustainable bag company, Baggu. Having sold out in hours, this collaboration was one for the books. Baggu is known for having unique and bold patterns, but Sandy Liang completely transformed this collection. Elevating these everyday essentials, Sandy Liang brought her distinctive style and bold patterns as she created a truly amazing line that incorporates her signature looks with sustainability. 

Inspired by her Chinese heritage and New York City experiences; Sandy Liang is one of the most uniquely talented designers yet, with her Vans, Salomon, and Baggu collaborations giving way to raw ingenuity. 


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