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Emma Beko Drops Music Video Following the Release of “BLUE”



Emma Beko has been growing her fanbase for several years now as one-half of the popular Montreal-based group, Heartstreets. After finding herself with a little bit of space and breathing room during the beginning of the pandemic, Emma opted to take the time to explore the feelings that she’s now willing to share in her music.

After releasing a few singles leading up to January 29th drop, including, “MHS”, “Waves”, “Salute” and more, we are happy to share her 9-track debut album, BLUE.

The themes of the album are innately human, and relatable, but Emma’s skill are anything but. There are not very many people in the world who can deliver vocal performances that are as nonchalant and impressive as Emma’s. She jumps between laid back “stream of consciousness” type rapping, and an exciting, unique, singing tone – all of which are on top of intricate and high quality production that feels like something Amy Winehouse would appreciate.

If every verse on the album was the stroke of a paintbrush, then producer Beau Geste, provided the different shades of blue.

We love the features from Karelle Tremblay, Quills, and Rymz on “Alma”, “Salute”, and “Party”, respectively, and each of their guest appearances work perfectly on the production they chose. But of course, Emma can also hold her own, and she did that for most of her album. “Ukulele” (for which the brand new music video is available above), “MHS”, and “Waves” are solo tracks in which Emma fully displays her range of talent – again, all while discussing the emotions and pain that plague many of our adolescent and adult years.

Check out the music video to “Ukulele” above, and stream Emma’s debut album, BLUE, right now! Be sure to show her and Heartstreets some love!



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