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The Lagoons Release “So Did I” For Upcoming Album



The Los Angeles-raised band, The Lagoons, have dropped a new quality track for listeners.

The release, “So Did I”, is a love song filled with familiarity while also still feeling fresh and new. It tells the story of a mother-daughter relationship and the strength between their connection.

Brothers Ryan and Joey Selan created the song for listeners to feel the emotional message behind it, but to also create their own meaning.

In conversation with Sidedoor Magazine, Joey added, “There is some deeper meaning behind the lyrics about mother earth, nature, and taking care of the planet. We like to write songs that can have multiple interpretations so it’s really up to the listener to decide what the song means to him or her.”

The multi-instrumentalist duo grew up in Los Angeles, California but now reside in Austin, Texas where they write, record and produce their sound from their home studio. The two grew up in a musical family and found that music was what bonded them from the get-go. Their unique sound stemmed from the classic rock of Laurel Canyon in the 60s and 70s, and a little bit of folk and blues from the influence of Austin.

The Lagoons have released songs in the past such as “California”, “Gems EP” and “Escape EP” where their blend of genres can be heard. With this new song, Joey explained that the band maintained its sound and style through this production.

“We feel like this song is a good combination of our past releases and what’s to come in the future,” he said.

“So Did I” is a peek into their debut upcoming album, Midnight Afternoon, which drops on June 23. The album will feature songs that the brothers have spent years putting their blood, sweat and tears into. It will also have musical influences from their previous releases with a touch of their brand new sound.

“We hope this album spreads love and joy to whoever hears it,” Joey added.

Check out more on The Lagoons at www.thelagoonsmusic.com.


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