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Zach Zoya Continues His DAYZZ OFF With “Hiatus”



Zach Zoya, a Montreal based artist, has been releasing a series of installments that he refers to as the “DAYZZ OFF” series, thus far, all featuring production from Bougo. He is three songs in, with each track being accompanied by dope visuals directed by Guillaume Landry. His first release of the series came a month ago, with “RAMMF” (really ain’t my motherfucking fault – an ode to Drake), last week he followed up with “KUN”, and today he’s back with our favourite of the series so far, “Hiatus”. 


The series consists of quick 1-minute releases, which feature no hook and have varied in in style. The first two tracks are aggressive in nature, with mosh-ready production and hard-hitting flows, which are very different than his latest release “Hiatus”. This track is relaxed and introspective, but it still slaps. Zoya has a unique voice and even at his young age, he already knows how to experiment with production and his voice. The laid-back production by Bougo on “Hiatus” lets Zoya breathe, allowing him to talk his shit and get things off his chest in a chill, yet intense manner. 

Zoya has been releasing music for over 3 years now, but it seems as he’s about to find his stride, becoming more comfortable with himself as an artist, given the sounds that he’s willing to share with the world. We could literally share every line from the song with you, but we’ll let you listen for yourself. Believe us, he doesn’t waste a single bar. 

“It’s a curse wanting everything to be excellent, 

In my verses, they find something to connect with” 

We’re excited to hear more from the “DAYZ OFF” series, especially if its got bounce like this. Give it a listen and show him love! Tell him Sidedoor sent you.


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