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Killy & Houdini Take On The Empire State For “VV’s”



East-end rapper Killy connects with Driftwood’s Houdini for the VV’s music video.

Killy and Houdini are some of the city’s biggest rising stars and it’s about time the two hopped on a track together. The track is a sneak peak of 6ixbuzz’s forthcoming album “Canada’s Most Wanted” set to release in the summer. More than often 6ixbuzz promotes a lot of the city’s trash artists and music, but this was actually a good collaboration.

Killy and Houdini took a trip to The Empire State to shoot for VV’s. The video was directed by Orazio who captures the two vibing around the city and visiting Joseph Aranbayev, a famous jeweler who is said to be the inspiration for Uncut Gems. Orazio also does an excellent job in post-production editing by creating some interesting 3-D effects.

This track was produced by MoneyMusik, who has been on the rise from making beats for local artists, to going international having placements on Thug’s So Much Fun Album and Uzi’s Eternal Atake. He takes on a dark-eerie beat that fits perfectly for Killy and Houdini to match their flows with.

The collaboration was a success and we’re glad these two finally came together. We need more interesting collaborations in and around the city. What are your thoughts on VV’s and are you looking forward to Canada’s Most Wanted?


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