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SLMN & Anders Make The Best Of a Snowstorm With “Love In the Winter”



Multi-talented producer SLMN links up with Anders on his new single “Love In the Winter” that will also be featured on his upcoming debut EP “Late Bloomer”. These two aren’t any strangers as they’ve collaborated in the past, streaming millions of plays across the globe.

Love In The Winter is a short, but sweet song that Anders expresses how him and his significant other came to meet in the middle. The inspiration behind the single was when these two were stranded during the coldest days of winter in a snowstorm. SLMN’s production goes beyond just throwing sounds together that sound nice. The rising artist perfected his musical craft by spending years practicing instruments such as the saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, guitar, piano and drums. Something your average producer can’t relate to. He had the following to say about working with Anders:

“We’ve put out over a dozen songs to date, so by this point, I’ve learned what kind of approach brings out the best in our collaborations. Bounce. Creating a subtle but unique bounce in the rhythm, with a catchy and melodic melody got the inspiration going for him. With the snowstorm raging he wrote and recorded the song in only a few hours” – Via media contact Dalton H.

When their is chemistry like this between two artists, the work comes naturally. SLMN also adds:

“And what’s really interesting is that when anders writes about love and women, I almost always relate!”

The both young Toronto artist are definitely here to stay for a while and hopefully there is a lot more collaborations to come.

Stream Love In The Winter below


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