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Black Atlass’ “By My Side” Is A Reintroduction To The XO-Signed Artist



Black Atlass chose today to drop BOMBS on us. He released his new single, “By My Side” featuring Sonia, and announced that his next project Dream Awake, will drop on April 3rd. This announcement follows his “Lie To Me” single which dropped on Valentine’s Day of this year. These singles make up the only music he’s to released since his 2018 project Pain & Pleasure. Following the release Dream Awake, Atlass will be joining The Weeknd on his EU tour dates.

“By My Side” is exactly what we’ve been wanting to hear from Atlass. Production features a beautiful guitar intro before jumping into a running drum beat that we can’t help but bop to. Atlass and Sonia both do their thing on the track, serenading us with beautiful voices and important lyrics, ““You were in the right place at the right time, trying to not to think about you, but you got me seeing all the signs”. We love the new single and can’t wait to hear more from them.

Black Atlass, born Alex Fleming, is a Montreal-born artist who’s made a name for himself by being exactly who he wants to be. He began making music in high school, gaining traction after the popularity of his release “Paris”. The song garnered the attention of Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent, both of which requested to use the song in a campaign and ad respectively. Atlass was then flown out to several fashion shows and was even featured in an Alexander Wang fashion campaign.

Most new artists would be overwhelmed by the opportunities that Atlass has been presented with at such a young age, but he’s known he was meant for this his whole life. “I want to be regarded as an artist overall in the same way Prince was, so fashion is just as important (to me) as the music,” he admits.

Atlass has been associated with The Weeknd’s XO crew and has confirmed that he will be touring with him in Europe, so even if it’s hard to believe that this is just the beginning, we know 2020 is going to be huge for Black Atlass. We’re excited to support him on his journey and help him get to where he needs to be.


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