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Just John x Dom Dias Connect With NorthSideBenji for “Minutia” Remix



Releasing their third album as a dynamic duo, Just John x Dom Dias have been gifting Toronto a innovative sound of Hip-Hop like the city’s never heard before. PROJECT was released in late 2019, composing of 9 songs that make up 17 minutes of nothing but quality production, creative composition and unmatched lyricism.

Just John and Dom Dias linked up with the one and only NorthSidebenji to produce a remix of MINUTIA, alongside a visual released via GRM DAILY.

dom di.jpg

The remix came as a random surprise because of the independent individuals, with different sounds and distinctive personalities coming together to collaborate on a track that was unpredictable. It would be a puzzle imagining how these artists could ever collab. Nonetheless the Toronto culture needs more of this. More support, more unity and more collaboration to help the city’s artists to prosper.

In John’s words the visuals is produced as:

“A nostalgic sitcom, board games, toys and some musicians in between a traditional nuclear family.

He adds:

To have benjis support right when he heard the record meant a lot! We’re grateful to have his energy accompany this record and we had to do it big for the video! I love creating juxtaposition in our work, it makes for great collaboration and was one of the inspos for the visual.


With the track reaching at half a million streams across all platforms, it goes to show how strong our cities culture can grow with support.

The interesting visuals is something that can be consumed in many ways. At the end of the day, John’s creativity never disappoints. We look forward to more collaborations like this in the city.



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