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“The Goat is Back” Puffy L’z Makes a Comeback with Latest Single ‘Wheel It’



Born and raised in Regent Park, Toronto, Puffy L’z makes a comeback with his latest single ‘Wheel It’. With his Somalian roots, Puffy L’z began rapping in 2015 and consistently released freestyles during this time. His debut single ‘Been Flexing’ racked up over 1 million views in the first year in February 2016. In 2019, Puffy L’z acknowledged his mission which is far bigger than music.

   Puffy L’z gained experience while touring with Drake on his Boy Meets World tour in 2017. This broadened his outlook in the music scene and as a member of the Halal Gang with SAFE, Mustafa the Poet and the late Smoke Dawg, Puffy L’z is proud of where he began. When asked the question, “can you tell me about yourself?” This is what he had to say,

Puffy L’z never fails to express his Regent Park roots and this is evident in his latest poetic track “Wheel It”.


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