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Romeyo Wilson’s “Black Queen” Is The Encouragement We Need



Romeyo Wilson has released high-quality music for a couple years now and has become a staple in Toronto’s underground R&B scene. Raised in Brampton, Ontario, Romeyo and his team have made it a mission to shed light on the talent that exists on the “Other Side Of Toronto”, encouraging and supporting artists all across the GTA.

With a number of successful singles already released this year (most recently, “Text Me” featuring Kim Kelly),  Romeyo took a short break to prepare and focus on the release of his second project of this year, a follow up to the previously released, P.O.V. EP. Now, Romeyo has returned for the release of “Black Queen”, an ode to the Black woman around the world. With this release, Romeyo poured his heart out for every queen that has ever felt overlooked or disrespected by the people that were meant to protect them. With this release, he encourages the protection of our Black Queens.

Romeyo tells us that he spent most of this year in frustration, helplessness because he couldn’t do as much as he wanted for the lives that were unfortunately lost. For Breonna Taylor, Hannah Williams, Alteria Woods, Geraldine Townsend, Rhogena Nicholas and more, Romeyo is using his platform to tell the world how he feels, and is reminding listeners how important it is to protect our Black Queens. Wilson made a promise to himself and the Black woman around him, that he’d do whatever it takes to stand for them – this release, as well as working towards change, is just the beginning.

The production on the single is taken care of by ­­­­­Kelody On The Beat, and it carries woozy 808’s, powerful drums and melodic layering. The song is as beautiful as it is important, but you should find out for yourself.

Head over to your favourite streaming platform to listen to “Black Queen” by Romeyo Wilson, and stay tuned for his highly anticipated EP, P.O.V. 2.


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