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TOBi Releases Soulful Visuals for ‘Matter’



One of our favourite Canadian artists has returned with a new song. Brampton bred, TOBi, is a rapper and singer known for his smooth vocals and meaningful lyrics. His music is about exploring your greatest fears, deepest feelings and everything in life that helps one grow. In 2019, TOBi released his deluxe album STILL+ which was met with great success as fans enjoyed the versatility of the project. Not only did it involve upbeat tracks like the popular hits ‘24’ and ‘Werking’, but it also involved tracks like ‘FEEL’ and ‘Holiday’ which emphasized his melodies, rhythms and vocals.

In TOBi’s new music video, ‘Matter’, directed by Kit Weyman, it shows visuals of three women as well as himself as they explore the beauty of nature. All four elements of nature can be seen throughout the video: earth, air, fire and water. The visuals elegantly reflect the song’s soulful lyrics about love, emotion and essentially, all the things that matter. For instance, in one part of the video, TOBi says, “All the things that matter can’t be held, can’t be touched, yet they can be felt for us” describing the feeling of love and how it cannot be compared. This song is meant to make you feel in touch with yourself, your loved one and with the world.

You can check out ‘Matter’ on Spotify and YouTube now.


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