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Ruby Red Releases Proactive Visuals For “All Night Long”



I wasn’t this excited to share something like this for a while — and yet, here we come! California-based band Ruby Red has just released their latest music video, All Night Long, to one of their debut EP tracks. And before you proceed to read anything else — I want you to check it out first. And I promise you, you won’t regret it!

When I first got to put on the video to check it out for the article, I couldn’t stop myself but get off the bed (yes, I’m doing my writing in my bed) and start dancing. And given the fact that it was after my 8-hour work shift, it can definitely say you something.

The track, All Night Long, is the first track on their debut EP Area of Affect, released in June 2020. Compared to their past releases, this song is the most upbeat and disco-alike so far.

Daniel Laner, the band’s singer, says they’re not really sure if they consciously know the musical direction they’re going in, but he wouldn’t rule out more “dance-y” stuff like this release in the future.

“I always joke that Danny must’ve been a minstrel in a past life, man,” says Fernando. “If you let him do his thing on the keys unsupervised, you’re gonna get a Middle Ages type beat. Mix that with some disco influences, a little bit of a pop, and I guess you get a song like All Night Long.”

The beat itself is giving off some sunny, summer vibes, which are making me feel pretty nostalgic as we’re slowly but surely are coming into winter; so let’s enjoy this while the sun is still out and shining!

And the video — oh. my. god. I just don’t remember seeing a music video that evoked so much happiness in me for some reason. Maybe it’s just cause of its’ aesthetics – their outfits, the sports sunglasses, the moves, and the overall vibes. All of it made me feel nostalgic AF cause of my European background where looks like that are more common than here. Maybe it’s because of the sickest shots and the color editing for the video too — who knows, but it’s definitely some of the best video works I’ve seen in the last time.

Fernando says the video is basically an “exaggerated version of the actual events that originally inspired the song.”

He adds that they’re always working in a team when it comes to creating their videos.

“On our first video for our song Superbloom, we worked with the legend Seth Damany, who put his special sauce all over it,” says Fernando. “For this one, we brought on our friend Ava Doorley to direct it. What we ultimately put out is the product of a lot of brainstorming with her over Zoom.”

When it comes to writing down lyrics, Fernando says it can be a “painful process”.

“We really want to make sure what we’re saying is true––that we’ve actually lived what we’re talking about,” says Fernando. “That way, people can relate to music in a genuine way. “Write what you know,” ya know?”

Ruby Red is the indie alternative pop duo, consisting of two childhood friends, Daniel Laner and Fernando Fine. Born in Oakland and based in Los Angeles, this band brings us their fresh approach to stuff we’ve already known but forgotten. They’re stylish, and I’m talking both audio and appearances, they’re provocative, and they’re fresh.

Fernando says they’ve got some fun remixes in the works and are working with some “nutty” producers and artists, so stay tuned for the newest releases and don’t forget to vote!


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