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Exclusive Interview | EarlThePearll A.K.A Earl On The Beat




What inspired you to start making music? 

Originally, I grew up in church playing drums and that definitely influenced me.  Then, one of my homies started producing and kind of put me on.  We would find beats we heard on the radio and he would show me how to make them.  Eventually, I learned how to do it myself.


You and Yachty have been friends for a very long time, and came up in the game together.  How did your relationship start and when did you begin making music with him? 


 I‘ve known Yachty since I was 7 or 8; we were friend’s way before the music shit.  I started making music when I was 13 and he started rapping a little later.  We were always making songs for fun but never imagined any of this.  The music got serious around grade 12, that’s when shit really took off for us. 



 Who did you listen to growing up?  Would you say they’ve influenced your style? 


 I grew up listening to a ton of different stuff, but mostly gospel music when I was young.  When my parents split and my dad left I was allowed to listen to anything I want, and that’s when I started listening to just about everything; oldies, hip-hop, RnB, everything.  All these different genres have definitely influenced my style in some ways.  


 You’ve been making records with Yachty since the beginning.  What’s changed when you get in the studio together now, or is it still the same vibes as the early days?  


 Always the same vibes as before with Yachty.  We were friends before the music, and we’re still always laughing, doing dumbass shit.



What makes the Atlanta Hip-Hop scene so unique? 



The culture.  Atlanta is just the wave.  



I can talk about it, but you gotta live out here to see it.  All around Atlanta we on some rap shit.  Like New York in the 90’s, you could go there and see they were on some rap shit.  That’s what Atlanta’s on right now, but it’s new school. 



 Which producers do you look up to?  How have they effected your career? 


 It’s hard to look up to someone right now because I’m so focused on solidifying myself in this game.  Coming up, I used to really look up to Lex Luger, Sonny Digital, Southside and Metro of course.


 Which artist runs Atlanta right now and why? 


 I can’t say just one.  Atlanta has so many different artists doing different things, that’s what makes it so great. 


 What’ve you been up to lately musically?


 I produced “Act Up” for the City Girls, go run that up. 



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