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Haviah Mighty Breaks Barriers With New Album “13th Floor”



Shot by @Mattbarnesphoto

Shot by @Mattbarnesphoto

Brampton’s Haviah Mighty released her latest album “13th Floor” on Friday May 10th.

Often feeling like the underdog throughout her years in music, it was only right Haviah came out strong with a body of work to let the people know she is not here to play games. “13th Floor” is a 13-track album that punches in at 43 minutes in length. The majority of the album is made up of raw lyricism and flows over some intense production and unique composition that will make you think “Damn, this goes hard”. Although she keeps it primarily Hip-Hop, Haviah doesn’t shy away from being melodic as she shows versatility by singing on the project as well.

13th Floor contains some interesting features that include her sister Omega Mighty and Toronto’s uprising MC’s Clairmont The Second & Sean Leon. With the Toronto music scene on the rise, it’s nice to see these musicians supporting one-another. As far as laying down the beats, production credits go to Haviah Mighty, 2oolman, Clairmont The Second, Lambo Beats, Mighty Prynce, Obuxum, Tabuu & Young Dreds.

With a project that Haviah put her heart and soul into, it’s no doubt she was aiming to go deeper than sound. She is aiming to influence and inspire the music community. Haviah had the following to say about 13th Floor via Exclaim! :

“It’s meant to be inspirational for the underdog experience,” she elaborates, citing her teen years. “Growing up who I am, what I looked like, the things that I choose to do, and the energy that I bring naturally, made some people uncomfortable.” It was, later on, that she was able to find strength through her differences.
“Being different is a great thing. It builds a character,” she says. “You want to be able to reach the point that you can look back and say that it’s built you up as opposed to it broke me down.”

Listen to “13th Floor” below.


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