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TOBi Shows Affection With New Music Video To “Sweet Poison”



Soul-inspired rapper TOBi released the music video to his single “Sweet Poison” .

TOBi is undoubtedly making a name for himself so far this year. After he released “City Blues”, he gained the respects and recognition of many across North America. The multidimensional artist recently landed himself another co-sign, this time by hip-hop figure The Game.

Sweet Poison is another song for the books. TOBi expresses the notion how love can be bitter-sweet thus the title. The visuals by Craig Calamis and Chris Valori benefit the listeners by engaging them in a deeper sense of the song as the video takes you through a dark themed emotional whirlpool accompanied by amazing visuals which compliment the song well.

Sometimes we’re drawn to a particular type of poison, consciously aware that it’s not good for us,” TOBi explained via Ones to Watch. “In this song, I wanted to be open with my vices to show it’s a prominent part of the human experience.”

TOBi is definitely one artist to keep your eye on. It is said that he will release his debut album this year which is something we can all look forward to.


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