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DillanPonders’ “KNOWHERE” Has Finally Arrived




DillanPonders has been one to watch out for in the city over the years. He was silent for a minute, but today the “Shroom Daddy” is back stronger than he was before.

Today he released KNOWHERE which is an 8-track LP that is DillanPonders unapologetically speaking his mind and spewing real emotions. He takes the listeners along a lengthy journey that tested his will, overcoming obstacles and other hardships. With the whole project clocking in at less than half an hour, it is still packed with his versatile flow that pairs well with the tremendous lyricism on the tape. Some surprising features on this project include Devontee, Faiza and Maryland’s own IDK.

This LP has been highly anticipated as DillanPonders was steadily releasing singles, teasing the audience of what he had in the safe. It’s about time for DillanPonders to breakthrough and assert his dominance in the industry. But don’t take our word for it, go listen to KNOWHERE yourself below.


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