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Exclusive Interview | Mathias Haze Debut EP “Nuff Rhetoric”



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Toronto MC Mathias Haze has been making some noise the last few years. He entered 2019 wasting no time as the young artist released his debut EP “Nuff Rhetoric” on January 1st. The 6-song EP is full of great, classic hip-hop. Known for his poetry, the project consist of great lyricism as Haze paints a picture with his words. His story-telling music can inspire one to keep pursuing their dreams despite how difficult times can get.

He hosted an album release party on January 3rd that sold out at Night Owl and preformed live with some guest appearances by Stretch.To, Stefani Kimber & Kelson Fredericks.

We linked up with Mathias for an interview to go into depth with the EP & more.

How would you describe the journey to making your debut EP?
Weird. Everytime I thought it was finished, it wasn’t. It made me learn to respect the art though and trust that what needs to be said will come out of me when the time is right.

What were some of your favorite moments in the making of this project?

Off top, getting my dude DannyOnTheSaxophone to do the sax on “Far Too Long” was lit. I went to his crib with my homie and watched Danny get dumb frost then just spazz on the sax. Shit was surreal. Another favorite moment would be when me and LIN6RDI were mixing “Not Me” and Zaki Zeeko’s intro when he said “Yo Hazel” corresponded perfectly with me saying “yeah” so it sounded like a convo. We didn’t plan for that so when it happened we were ampeeeeedddddd.

Photo by @larakphotos

Photo by @larakphotos

What is the meaning behind the tittle “Nuff Rhetoric”?
I saw Lauryn Hill say it in an argument she was having back in the day. She basically said “Nuff rhetoric, now where’s the solution?” That shit RANG with me.

I took that attitude into the project because I’m at a place in my career where I refuse to continue talking about what I’m going to do, want to do etc. It’s time for action. Just put the head down and work. Nuff Rhetoric.


 Which track from the EP is your favourite? What about that track makes it stand out to you?
It’ll probably change as I live with the project but right now it’s “Not Me” and “Far Too Long.” “Not Me” because my bars and flow on that were on a mod ting… I been feeling for the longest time that I’m really good at this and so on that track it was like nah fr, try anyone… just not me fam… for your own good. 

“Far Too Long” is a favorite as well because I know the pain that went into making that song. It’s where I’m the most vulnerable and in a project filled with a good amount of braggadocio, it’s necessary to show and champion the sadder emotions as well.

If there is any takeaway message from this album that you want the audience to receive, what would it be?
Whatever you want is really not that far. It’s far… but not THAT far. Just lock in and go get it step by step. Something  I’m trying to receive from this project as well is to stop allowing others to define my value. I want to determine it myself and let it stay where I decide. So if the audience can take that away from it too, that’d be dope.

Which artist is your greatest influence and what about them inspires you?
To keep it a buck, as basic as it is, Kendrick, Cole and Drizzy probably my biggest 3 influences. I just see so much of myself in each of them. Of course their music inspires me, but beyond that, how they navigate the industry and handle their business dealings is also what I study.

What are your thoughts on the Toronto Hip-Hop scene?
Flourishing. It’s a beautiful thing. It lowkey gets me heated when people say “all music from Toronto sounds the same.” It’s like you’re just choosing ignorance when you say that. There’s sooo much talent in the city it’s crazy. I feel that once the Hip-Hop scene gets to a place where all the subcultures start intersecting and sharing vibes/information, we gon’ be the biggest musical hub on the planet. #Facts

Toronto has some great talent. Who are some of your favourite artists in the city right now?

I mess heavy with M.I. Blue because her music and branding is just unheard of. I think Mah Moud is very dope as well and I like the way he navigates. Also, seeing Ktoe go from doing the rounds in the underground scene to shining with Jazz Cartier was suuuper dope. So I’m rooting for Ktoe as well.

Listen to “Nuff Rhetoric” now.


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