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Clairmont The Second’s Brand New Album “Do You Drive?” Has Arrived



Photo by @sans.osul

Photo by @sans.osul

After giving us a taste of “Do You Drive?” on January 3rd with his first single off the project “Grip”, Clairmont has just released the entirety today, and it’s nothing short of impressive.

Although the album is a short one clocking in at about 25 minutes in length, it is comprised of 8 excellent well put together tracks producing groovy late night vibes, as if it were indented to be listened to in your car driving around with your friends in the latest hours of the night . “Do You Drive?” contains many uplifting songs full of jazzy chords, retro synths and funky baselines such as ‘Hold’, ‘Grace’ and ‘Lume’, but also contains those hard punching kicks and deep sub woofers on tracks like ‘Brick’ and ‘Grip’. The Toronto artist also uses a variety of flows on each song supported with great lyricism throughout whether he’d be singing for the majority of the track, spittin’ bars, or combing the two.

Clairmont’s “Do You Drive?” is a great body of work, but what makes it even more impressive? The fact that he wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered the entire project by himself, which is extremely rare these days. He was also involved with the art direction and cover design of the project with help from photographer Aysha “Beee” Brown. With this album Clairmont shows growth and maturity but also proves he’s versatile in many ways showing us what makes him special.


We were happy to attend Clarimont’s listening party at Red Bull 381 Projects a week prior to the albums release. We arrived to the artist cooking up some beats live for everyone to enjoy, which was pretty cool. The energy was great and the vibes were on point as Clairmont then proceeded to connect with his fans, shortly after giving us the first listen of “Do You Drive?”.

Listen to “Do You Drive?” below.



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