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Earl Sweatshirt Returns with “Some Rap Songs”




Some Rap Songs is a collection from Earl Sweatshirt for fans and philosophers alike; he has no one he’s trying to impress but does so anyways.

3 years after his last album drop, Earl Sweatshirt drops his stuttering and stylized 15 track album, Some Rap Songs, on the last day of November 2018. Since 2013, every time a blunt comes out its been a series of,

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Me: Don’t do it

Don’t do it

Don’t do it

Don’t do it

Me: Throw Hive on queue

 , and how he managed to keep his name wrapped around our tongues since day one foreshadows the impending effects of his recent release. Despite his demanding fans, LA rapper Thebe Kgositsile managed to stay under the radar. His portfolio of mixtapes and 2 studio albums had us hooked, and his features with fellow members of Odd Future were the only sign of him. Now we’ve been treated with 24 minutes of his alt-rap sweetness.

This album is personal, it’s raw in its inspiration and doesn’t try to appeal to the masses the way others do. He features his mother in “Playing Possum”, intertwined with his late father’s poetry. He uses a rough and kind of uncomfortable sound as a base for the mournful lyrics in “Peanut”.  He’s faced loss, and he channels this in introspection throughout this album. It almost sounds like a cut and paste job, with what becomes a collage of his vocals, heart, and a fluid beat. Sweatshirt isn’t afraid to discuss his experiences in this album, and while hard to swallow he makes it a palatable discussion of pain, loss, and life.


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