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Forgot About Mez?




After a hiatus from rap for almost 2 years King Mez has returned and left us all in waiting. The rapper from Fort Campbell, but got started in North Carolina, finally returned to give us two new songs earlier in September in a tiny-EP titled ‘Data Plan .001’. The two songs on the EP are titled ‘The Shift’ and ‘Do or Die’ and combined create the 2 title EP that gives us a few hints about whats to come from King Mez.

            From the two tracks the audience can gather that King Mez has been enjoying the wave he’s been on since 2015 when he was on Dr.Dre’s ‘Compton’ album and has not looked back since. He raps about his experiences in the past couple of years since he last rapped and you can tell he’s picked up a few things since then with his flow resembling a young Dre’s same vibe. ‘Do or Die’ is only 2 minutes long but it takes you on an adventure of lyricism and hidden messages you could spend days deciphering.


            With these new songs one can only hope this means we won’t have to wait another 2 years for more music from Mez, and it’s alluded to in the tracks titles with ‘The Shift’ and its lyrics resembling he is ready for a new chapter in his career and ‘Do or Die’ pushing the message that King Mez has to get in a state of productivity or risk people forgetting about him in the rap industry with the new wave of rappers coming in dozens. Many people still remember him from Dre’s album, and fans have been spamming his insta and twitter asking for more music. The anticipation from the audience is there and it has not died down despite his break from music.

            King Mez only took the hiatus from music to focus on his designer/entertainment label ‘Heirs’ that has recently put out clothes onto their website along with a place to purchase his new 2 single EP. The website is still new and it is likely to have more clothing and accessories on it come 2019.

            It’s unsure what King Mez has planned for the rest of the year but it is clear that he’s been making moves behind the scenes, and fans can only hope that one of those moves is a potential album from the King.



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