Frank Ocean's 'blonded RADIO - Midterms pt. 1' | Free Merch for Fans Who Vote


Frank Ocean announced on his tumblr that he would be giving away free blonde Frank Ocean merch to any fans who voted in Houston, Miami, Atlanta or Dallas in today’s midterm elections. Frank makes this call to action for voters to support specific candidates in certain areas.

Frank Ocean also released his 8th instalment of his blonded RADIO specials on Apple Music’s Beats 1 hosted by Vegyn and Roof Access, live this morning at 9-10am EST. In the hour long radio episode Frank touched on numerous new political topics such as the dismissal of the right #pizzagate conspiracy theory that claims there is an underground Democratic and high profile celebrity pedophilia ring running in Washington. This theory lead to a gunman shooting up a pizza restaurant that was targeted in the conspiracy earlier last year. On top of this Frank Ocean touched on topics like voter suppression and the gerrymandering practices that manipulate voting boundaries.

Throughout the blonded midterms special Frank would encourage listeners to vote, promising them free merchandise if they vote in certain cities. He also expresses some of his political views

“I already get taxed quite a bit, and I wouldn’t sweat it if i got taxed more.”

Unlike previous blonded episodes Frank did not release any new music. In last years episodes he released his track Provider on the mix, hinted at his blonde album follow up as well as announcing his new radio station on GTA V online.

This episode of blonded radio includes tracks from Gil Scott-Heron, Playboi Carti, Valee, Rico Nasty, Beyonce, Jay-Z and the mix ends off on The Honeydrippers track “Impeach the President”.

Listen to the radio mix on Apple Music now or see the entire tracklist below.

Full Radio Tracklist

  1. Frank Ocean: “U-N-I-T-Y”

  2. Mk.gee: “You”

  3. Arthur: “Sweet Memory”

  4. Spoon: “Who Makes Your Money”

  5. Gil Scott-Heron / Brian Jackson: “We Almost Lost Detroit”

  6. The Durutti Column: “Sketch for a Summer”

  7. Popcaan: “Superstar”

  8. Jadakiss: “We Gonna Make It”

  9. Valee: “Womp Womp” [ft. Jeremih]

  10. Rico Nasty: “Hockey”

  11. Don Toliver: “Issues”

  12. KISH!: “Benzo!”

  13. Retro X: “Etho” [ft. S.Boy]

  14. La Goony Chonga: “Tira Tira” [ft. Black Kray]

  15. Playboi Carti: “FlatBed Freestyle”

  16. Beyoncé / JAY-Z: “BLACK EFFECT”

  17. Cam’ron: “Losin’ Weight” [ft. Prodigy]

  18. The Honeydrippers: “Impeach the President”